“Absolutely the cultural event of the year.”


Saturday 22 November 2014

W.S. Tyler Building / St. Catharines

There are spectacles of all kinds, but the flash and pop of STRUTT will spin your head into oddball orbit. What started as an in-the-know show for local artists and party-goers has quickly grown into an eclectic extravaganza of art, music, and performance reaching a crescendo with the largest wearable art show in the country. See it once, and you know there’s nothing else like it–anywhere.

Evocative, fantastic, and one-of-a-kind works of art for the human body.

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Niagara Artists Centre is a not-for-profit, charitably registered, member-driven collective formed by and dedicated to serving the working artists and community of Niagara. Founded in 1969 as a collective of working artists, NAC is one of the oldest artist-run organizations in Canada.

In 2000, NAC introduced an annual wearable art fundraiser. NAC now produces the STRUTT Wearable Art Weekend, a two-day programmed festival of events that culminates in a runway show.

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