Goodbye STRUTT!

It was a fantastic fifteen-year run.

Whither the STRUTT Wearable Art Show?

We sincerely wish we could offer you a short, concise, and confirmed answer on where and when the sixteenth incarnation of the STRUTT FIASCO will be touching down.

Unfortunately, we can’t.

What we can tell you is this: Our home for the last four years is no longer available to us. The WS Tyler Factory has been reactivated, and believe it or not, now has a higher purpose to serve than hosting an annual wearable art weekend.

Our search for a home has led us to the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre. We’re working the details on how to land the STRUTT Mothership of Weirdness in that spanking new facility.

So, artists, hold on to those ideas, hone and refine them. And, anxious audience members, hold onto your hopes and your expectations. When we finally do this thing, guaranteed, it’ll be aimed at the stratosphere.