Christina Bosowec

Christina Bosowec is an interdisciplinary artist living in Halifax.…
November 21, 2014/by Jordy Yack

STRUTT in Context: The Other Wearable Art Show

It's impossible to say whether I'm missing something or not but…
November 20, 2014/by Roslyn Costanzo

Floating Fast Like A Hummingbird

Christine Nelson is a second-year STRUTT artist that creates all…
November 19, 2014/by Jordy Yack

Radio Radio – In the Spirit of Freaking Out

To the naked ear, Radio Radio are a bunch of French guys rapping…
November 18, 2014/by Jordy Yack

Wearable Art Contextualized: Hugo Ball and Cabaret Voltaire

I've already written about the confluence of art and fashion…
November 17, 2014/by Roslyn Costanzo
Storm Hair Group


Storm Hair Group has been offering professional beauty, style and hair services in Niagara for close to 20 years.
November 12, 2014/by Jordy Yack

Wearable Art of the Day (#WAOTD): Nick Cave

One of the most rewarding things that has come of contributing…
November 11, 2014/by Roslyn Costanzo
Paradise Animals

Paradise Animals

When it comes to STRUTT, music plays a integral role to it's success. It's…
November 10, 2014/by Jordy Yack

Master Builder, Don Dormady

You might say that Don Dormady has a knack for design. Fresh…
November 7, 2014/by Roslyn Costanzo
Geoffrey & Caterpie

Geoffrey Heaney – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Geoffrey Heaney is an actor, writer, blogger and Pokémon Master.…
November 6, 2014/by Jordy Yack
Wearable Art Fashion Show STRUTT

Balancing with Tracy Duru

Tracy Duru has been modelling and performing at STRUTT for 4 years…
November 3, 2014/by Jordy Yack

Wearable Art Contextualized: Miss General Idea

For this Halloween edition of Wearable Art Contextualized, I…
October 30, 2014/by Roslyn Costanzo
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