Christina Bosowec

Christina Bosowec is an interdisciplinary artist living in Halifax. She aims to deconstruct and repurpose everyday objects, examining their materiality and looking beyond their conventional use. She is currently in the last year of her BFA program at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and is working towards her upcoming solo exhibition Dodge Spirit, to be exhibited at NSCAD’s Anna Leonowens Gallery in early 2015.

Christina’s considers her art style more experimental as it tends to explore both the use of material and the body. “I work to deconstruct and repurpose everyday objects – by bringing new/altered meaning to objects that are often considered banal. Through this approach, I examine the materiality of objects and the ways in which I can look beyond conventional use,” explains the artist.

“I do this through physical interactions with objects, that de-familiarize myself with its function. Relationships to objects are often linked to an understanding of function and use. By isolating an object from its function, I attempt to developa more intimate and relatable connection with the object. My piece in STRUTT will reflect these ideas.”

JY: How long have you been a STRUTT artist for? What keeps bringing you back to this wonderful event?

CB: This is my first year participating as a STRUTT artist. My interest to participate in the Wearable Art Runway Show stems from the desire to explore my interest in performance art.


 I’ve always heard STRUTT described as a fashion show that borders on the absurd – how would you describe it in 7 words or less?
Offbeat, supernatural, comical, bubbly, corky, cheery, glittery

Describe in your mind an ideal party. What are you wearing? 

My ideal party: themed birthday party with close friends, metallic balloons, fringe streamers, pink table runner, porcelain candle center piece, stacked red velvet tier cake with hand written text that says ‘pink and mauve hair and rhinestone shades’ in pink icing, a cake stand, a rainbow piñata filled with an assortment of scrunchies, mason jars filled with selected sour candies, assortment of pop, all-dressed chips, Doritos, cheese and fruit plate

I am wearing: navy chunky heels with glitter socks, silver hair clips, high waisted jeans, cropped fuzzy sweater.

(photo by Alexander Chisolm)