Floating Fast Like A Hummingbird

Christine Nelson is a second-year STRUTT artist that creates all sorts of arts and also has a huge list of interests. Last year, her and her daughter Jacqueline created a piece togetherShe has studied fine art in Toronto, worked in advertising for eight years, raised two children with her husband Barry, taught cooking to kids, supervised at a public school, served on school councils, and have been working at Practical Management of Canada since 1996. She’s also been a volunteer with Heart and Stroke for 20 years. When not doing all that, she paints and creates in mixed media.

Nelson’s newest piece that she’s created for #STRUTT2014 is called Caffeine Hummmm. It was inspired by recyclable materials that Christine has collected, cleaned and manipulated. “I often think about recycling, minimizing waste, turning junk into something new, or finding a way to reuse things that others are finished with. It’s a humming bird of mixed media: paper mache, hand painted fabric, fibreglass window screening and my collection of recycled “jewels,” explains Nelson.

“Hummingbirds are very beautiful, jewel toned, and have an incredible metabolism that allows them to beat their wings so quickly. Their fuel is nectar. We often fuel ourselves to keep going, so there’s the connection. You’ll have to come to STRUTT to see my jewel collection!”

JY: How long have you been a STRUTT artist for? What keeps bringing you back to this wonderful event?

CN: This is my second year participating as a STRUTT artist. Last year I collaborated with my daughter Jacqueline Nelson on a wearable art piece for the show called Asthma Attack. We had such a great time, met amazing people, and learned so much, I knew I wanted to put that to use and come back again this year. This time I worked independently. I had heard about STRUTT when I participated in the Culture Days Congress in Toronto. At the time we already had our piece completed and were looking for a way to share it. This time, I created with the STUTT show in mind. I loved the experience and now I think I’m addicted! I already have ideas for future opportunities!

I’ve always heard STRUTT described as a fashion show that borders on the absurd – how would you describe it in 7 words or less?

Art on people performed by people for people (ahhhh, that’s 8!).

Describe in your mind an ideal party. What are you wearing? 

For me, parties are all about friendly people, good food, sparkling wine (because there’s always something worth celebrating) and lively music. I like to dance and I like to sing along! I’m most pleased when I know all the lyrics-which I’m known for doing.
At the ideal party I’m wearing a colourful party dress, a pair of heels, mandatory eye liner, and a fresh swipe of lipstick! Hey, this is sounding a lot like how I’m picturing STRUTT will be this year! Can’t wait! See you all there!