Recently companies have realized the benefits of call centers. Call centers allow a company to be connected over a wider area and hence have more customers. Additionally, call centers allow companies to be connected around the clock to several customers across the globe. However, installation of a call center incurs a high cost which is a hindrance for small scale companies. To their benefit, technology has come up with ways to counter this problem. In this case, Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly abbreviated to VoIP, has allowed the traditional telephone to be replaced by a broadband internet connection. Not only does this provide a wider audience but also allows one to make international calls over broadband internet.


In addition to saving cost and saving the company from the hassle of installing multiple phone lines, Voice over IP offers several benefits to its users. Particularly for businesses. VoIP allows a business to be set up over a network and thus show its presence at different locations. This can be done by setting up multiple toll-free lines for the customers to access. The company can also display its phone number and calls can still be routed over the broadband internet. If the bandwidth of this internet is high, the call quality over a large distance can even be better than that over the public switched telephone network.


VoIP (6)Moreover, Voice over Internet Protocol is accompanied with added features such as call transfer, call blocking, call waiting and caller ID. In some cases, it is even possible to check fax online on an email address. Call log can also be checked online and voicemail services are also provided. Users of VoIP are even given the advantage of conference calling, friendly e-texting, and even video calling. Some Voice over internet protocol service providers even offers emergency calling similar to 911. However, VoIP service providers may charge extra for such a service. Such features are unheard of over the public switched telephone network.


Voice over IP allows its users to install a mini call center that connects to its customers instantaneously over several locations. Through VoIP, a business can attend multiple calls simultaneously and provide solutions to its customers. Additionally, this opens its customers to multiple options such as click to call capabilities, auto-attendant capabilities, integrated conferencing, and call routing, to name a few.


VoIP packages come in different types, some charge on a monthly basis, others take a yearly advance. Whatever package is chosen depends on a company’s personal preference and needs. The pricing of any package may vary in accordance with the variety of services it offers.


The advantages of call centers that can be used in business are being realized. The advancement in technology has substituted call centers through Voice over IP instead of the traditional telephone. The convenience and affordability of Voice over Internet Protocol as compared to its counterpart has allowed even small businesses to benefit from it. Now businesses can be connected to their customers over broadband internet 24/7 no matter where their clients might be.