Geoffrey & Caterpie

Geoffrey Heaney – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Geoffrey Heaney is an actor, writer, blogger and Pokémon Master. When he’s not looking through the tall grass for bug Pokémon he’s acting and co-writing shows with OddWorks Theatre like a-PIE-calype NOW!!! which was performed at In The Soil 2013.  Heaney first got his feet wet with STRUTT in 2010 as an Assistant Stage Manager. He rocked his first STRUTT stage in 2012, and just last year,  became fully immersed and did the double – model and artist. Follow Heaney on twitter: @geoffreyheaney and read his blog: “Me and Caterpie.”

JY: What’s your earliest STRUTT memory? What keeps bringing you back to this wonderful event?

GH: My earliest memory has to be in 2010 in the Courtyard Dining Hall at Brock University. The show was about to begin and as ASM I was running around making sure the performers were ready to go on. I bent down to pick up a case of water for the performers when my pants split. Like, almost completely in half. Luckily there were tons of safety pins lying around and a couple performers were nice enough to get up in there and safety pin me together. I did the whole show with a couple dozen safety pins shoved down there! I always comeback to STRUTT because I feel that it is the heart of the Niagara art community. It’s a time when our imaginations get to run wild and we have a great time running along with them. There are no limits to what can happen and I find that so revitalizing as an artist.

I’ve always heard STRUTT described as a fashion show that borders on the absurd – how would you describe it in 7 words or less?

A really good artistic acid trip.

Let us in on a secret for this year’s STRUTT.

Masks. They are super hot this year.

Describe in your mind, an ideal party. What are you wearing?

My ideal party takes place in a massive pillow fort. There are board games, card games and video games and an awesome string quartet playing wicked 90’s pop covers. Bottomless chicken wings, chocolate cake and mimosas. I’m wearing a bow tie, top hat, pajama bottoms and socks (No shoes in the fort!).

Geoffrey Heaney - dancer?