Paradise Animals

Paradise Animals

When it comes to STRUTT, music plays a integral role to it’s success. It’s impossible to imagine a runway show without any kind of music; the silence would be bizarre, perhaps even too bizarre for STRUTT. It would be like Hall without Oates, Peter and Bjorn without John or any kind of trope without a cheesy cliché. For years, DJ Marinko was STRUTT’s house DJ that provided the soundtrack for the both the runway and the too-good-to-be-true afterparty. More recently, STRUTT has evolved to incorporate live music into the show and some past performers have included: The Woodshed OrchestraThe Sadies,  Old World Vulture and The Niagara Symphony.

#STRUTT2014 brings a pair of bands to the forefront, East Coast-rappers Radio Radio are making the trek to Niagara to provide the soundtrack to the runway, but we’ll have more on that later. Toronto’s Paradise Animals are an electronic trio that is made up of Mark Andrade, Gary Pereira & Kerri Silva. Songs are built around Andrade’s bedroom compositions and expanded as a group effort. Songs can quickly change from a disco-inspired groove into a swirling synth-wonderland. This is exactly why the band was chosen to provide music for the after-party, while also intensify the performances on the runway.

Paradise Animals EP

Take for example the song “At This Time” – the song runs a fine line between between sounding like The National, Minus the Bear and even  has elements of ’80s synth-pop. Andrade attributes this melting pot of influences to the the songwriting process. “I usually bring an idea to the band that is somewhat formed and we tend to then jam on the idea and work through our respective strengths. Gary is an incredible bass player, and you can hear his creative bass lines running through “At This Time”. Kerri is an incredible guitar player and vocalist, so she often helps with those areas. This has been the formula that seems to produce our most polished and focused songs.”



JY: How did you guys get involved with this year’s STRUTT and have you ever attended STRUTT before?

MA: We have had an incredible relationship with St. Catharines. Our first show ever was at the In The Soil festival. We made friends with Scott Warren of Bronx Cheerleader who shared the stage with us that night. He invited us back to play at NAC for an awesome show. We have been back 3 times to play St. Catharines and seem to really connect with the people who come out to shows. A really supportive and positive music community. Every visit back we met new people, and from there we were honoured to be invited to play STRUTT this year. We haven’t attended STRUTT before but we’ve seen the youtube videos. It looks like a uniquely incredible night!

Have you ever been part of an event like STRUTT before?

We have been lucky to play some very unorthodox shows in Toronto. One for the opening of Evolution: The David Cronenberg Show at TIFF. We also have played a few Young Lions Music Club parties in Toronto that have been in alternative warehouse spaces. All artist-run and improvisational to a degree. However, STRUTT is an entirely unique beast of its own that seems to take all types of artists and mix them together to create something special. So, we are excited for the unknown realm of collaborating with different artists from a multitude of art forms.

Describe in your mind, an ideal party. What are you wearing?

Our ideal party is community – collaboration – unity – spontaneity and just the right mix of unpredictability and comfort. To have fun we think a party should keep you on your toes, but still feel comfortable and casual. Conversation and creativity blending together over a beverage or two; maybe some time to lose yourself in the mix, while feeling good enough to move around freely and feel accepted and loved.
Our style for the evening will most likely be stark and basic. The idea behind this is to act as a canvass for the dancers and performers to shine. Our music will be the backdrop of the evening, but we want the dancers and performers to pop over our clean lines.


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