Voice over Internet Protocol, often referred to as VoIP or IP telephony, is an advancement in technology that has surpassed the telecom industry. Voice over IP has made it possible for individuals to connect around the world through the broadband internet. This saves the cost and hassle of using traditional phone lines that work using the public switched telephone network. Voice over IP services also includes a predictive dialer. What this does is that it connects a list of telephone numbers in a cost-effective way through VoIP. This is sometimes also called soft predictive dialler. The predictive dialler overlooks the busy signals and answering machines when calling and connects to a person that is available.

Voice over IP predictive diallers is very handy when customers need to be connected immediately with salespersons. This saves the time at the customer end preventing any unnecessary delays. The VoIP predictive dialer uses softphones for this purpose. These softphones are a part of the Voice over IP service. These calls are hence routed over the internet. The calls can be made without any need for a Private Exchange Branch or a PBX System. However in presence of a Public Exchange Branch System, one may have to check compatibility with the VoIP predictive dialer.

The Voice over Internet Protocol predictive dialer software can be installed in desktop computers. This can save the company from purchasing extra equipment. However, the company will have to cater to any necessary voice boards in order for the predictive dialer to work over the VoIP service. Sometimes the voice modems are not enough as they do not offer the extra features such as call detection and call transfer.

Since using hardware such as telephone or voice boards maybe cumbersome, many of the functions that are offered by these boards have been implemented by special software. This has given rise to software only Voice over IP predictive diallers which can work well with voice modems. This allows a company not to invest in extra hardware and still get their desired functionality. This hence saves both costs as well as space. An added advantage of a system using a voice modem is that even a laptop computer can serve the purpose and it can also be used from Voice over IP predictive dialing. However, of course, this will be subject to a good working internet connection. The software implementation of Voice over IP predictive diallers has also introduced more flexibility into this service. The selling point of a Voice over IP predictive dialler lies in its flexibility, functionality and whether or not it is easy to use.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a useful software that makes it easier to connect to customers. It saves one from the hassle of busy lines and answering machines and directly connects customers to available individuals. This is an important tool, especially from the marketing and sales perspective. Not only does this save cost, but it also prevents the dialler from an unnecessarily long wait.